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Balston Dry Gas Seal Nirtogen Systems 干燥密封气体制氮系统


Balston Dry Gas Seal Nirtogen Systems

Parker has developed a unique nitrogen generator for point-of-use applications that require a continuous supply of nitrogen where there is no electrical power supply or extremely hazardous conditions exist. These nitrogen generators can also be equipped with Parker Balston membrane air dryer systems to treat high dew point or saturated feed air. All nitrogen generators run automatically without operator attention.

A typical application is pressurizing dry gas seals on selected GAScompressor and turbine installations that need inert gas for lubricating and pressurizing dry seals designed to contain flammable, toxic, or hazardous process gases from leaking into the atmosphere.

Custom Packaging Capabilities
All dry gas systems can be equipped with integral high pressure boosters as well as high-pressure cylinders. High pressure gas storage systems provide back-up nitrogen as needed, or provide periodic higher nitrogen flows if nitrogen consumption is erratic or cyclical. All system operation is automatic and unmanned. Fully automated, 100% redundant packages ensure the customer is never without nitrogen.

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Nitrogen Flow Rates (SCFM) 氮气流量 

FB-608-1 FB-608-2 FB-1508-1 FB-1508-2 FB-1508-3 FB-1508-4
5 10 15 30 45 60

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